Affiliate Program

Massgramer offers the most lukrative affiliate program for instagram bot and Automation service on the market right now.

Sign up, share link and earn 33% recurring commission on all payments. 

After getting so many messages of user’s who wanted to promote our service, we’ve decided to open an affiliate program, rewarding our most loyal user’s who also recommend our service to others.

Just refer 3 users and you can basically use our service for free as each payments will give you a 1/3 kickback of the cost of a regular account. 

Our affiliate programs stands out from others, because we offer the highest rates, on a recurring basis and all referrals are lifetime. 

Why refer us?

Lifetime Commission

There is no limit to our affiliate program. Refer once and earn a lifetime.

33% Recurring

Earn 33% on all payments made after signing up using your link. Month after month.

180 Days Cookies

Earn even when a purchase happens up to 6 month after clicking your link.

3 Simple Steps

Process Overview

Sign Up

Simply sign up to our affiliate program. It takes less than a minute. 

Generate Link

Once registered and logged in you can simply generate your own link.

Share & Earn

Copy the link and share it with friends, family or publicly on the internet. 


How much you can earn depends on how active your promote massgramer. Technically there is no limit. 

Ideally you promote it online as it is the most scalable way of promoting it. 

We have got a great youtube video on our channel explaining the whole service and the benefits of it. Currently we are working on more marketing materials. 

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